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Concentrated Growth Strategy – A concentrated growth strategy seeking equity participation primarily, but bond, cash or alternative holdings make up 10% to 20% of the portfolio

  • Active management strategy designed by Boone Wealth Advisors
  • May have sector concentration
  • Primarily for clients who want a concentrated growth strategy as a compliment to their other diversified portfolio holdings or this may be a fit for growth orientated clients that do not have 100% of their account invested in stocks
  • Number of securities: 5-8, typically individual weightings between 3% and 20%

Investment Objective: Growth
Portfolio Objective: Capital appreciation primarily (generally 80% to 90% equities)
Risks: High level of volatility, typically 80%+ allocation to stocks. Correlation of the investments is high. Losses may be realized.
Time horizon:
Holdings due diligence: Portfolio investments are tracked and analyzed on an ongoing basis. Deeper due diligence takes place at least two times a year using Morningstar and other available analytical tools, performance is tracked on an ongoing basis through the LPL Portfolio Manager tool and allocation or manager changes may be made at any time. Clients with taxable accounts are briefed prior to any significant amount of capital gains being harvested.

Risk Level:

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