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The strength of independence.

We believe that good financial advice comes from independent advice. We provide our clients with tangible strategies that are tailored to their unique needs. Our clients are free to choose any or all of our services, with no hidden requirements.

Our Services

Independent financial planning.

Independent advice from an on-staff CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional regarding your Retirement, Estate Planning, Tax planning, Investments, College and Insurance planning. Specialties include: Stock Options, Early Retirement, Portfolio Risk and Performance Analysis.


Draw up a complete financial statement and help set goals

Before a trek or expedition, an expert nature guide begins by evaluating who he will be leading into the wilderness, including their strengths, goals, abilities, and points of concern. Similarly, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ performs a comprehensive financial analysis specific to you. Specialized training and experience enable the analyst to ask all the right questions to help you define and outline your personal goals.

Analyze relevant aspects of your current financial picture

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ understands that your financial situation has many moving parts (assets, income, insurance, taxes, business interests, wills, etc.). They are trained to hold your objectives and lend scrutiny and analysis of your finances in view of your making those objectives attainable.

Identify weaknesses and recommend improvements

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner's objective is to design a strategy which will weather any perceived or potential weaknesses in your financial outlook, and provide specific recommendations to help you pursue your financial objectives in a more streamlined and effective way.

Coordinate and implement your plan

Any financial plan, no matter how impressive or well-designed, is worthless unless it is implemented. A good CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner ensures that all the elements of your action item checklist are set into motion, that the work of specialists - such as your attorney or accountant - are coordinated on your behalf, and that the desired effects of the plan are realized. Comprehensive financial planning generally begins at $1,500, with more complex cases starting at $2,500. The fee covers one year of new scenarios, clarifications and updates.

Primary Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan - $2,000 to $4,500 fee

We provide a variety of financial planning and consultation services to individuals, families, business owners, and other clientele. Our most popular service is our Comprehensive Financial Plan because it addresses many client questions, provides great value, and outlines a firm direction for our client’s future.

We provide an analysis of the client’s current situation, goals, and objectives, and we deliver sound advice in a face-to-face meeting. Along with the extended plan report, clients receive an abbreviated ‘action item’ checklist that provides clear directions for implementing the plan’s findings. Boone Wealth also offers analysis on maximizing Social Security and/or pension benefits. Please see further details of specific planning topics below.

Our Comprehensive Financial Plan pricing is based upon the scope of work involved and the experienced CFP® practitioner that you work with. Generally, comprehensive plans fall between a $2,000 to $4,500 fee range, with the higher range most often reserved for more complicated situations such as business ownership, multiple real estate properties, complex cash flow situations, or a large number of investment accounts. We advise all planning clients to check with their employer for any incentive programs that may cover a portion or all of the financial planning cost.

Planning includes one or more of the following areas:

  • Personal Goal and Financial Planning
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Corporate Structure
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Mortgage/Debt Analysis
  • Insurance Analysis (including Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care)
  • Estate Planning
  • Analysis on maximizing Social Security and/or pension benefits.
  • Business ownership
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Complex cash flow situations
  • Large number of investment accounts

Ongoing Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning Service

$95/ month fee

Our ongoing planning service keeps our clients in touch with us for tracking their financial progress, making life decisions and coaching through your financial life. Included in the service is modular financial analysis as needed (college planning, insurance analysis and goal funding),  annual financial planning review meeting, a WealthVision subscription to track your assets and liabilities automatically, and 2 hours’ worth of advice throughout the year.

Comprehensive and Ongoing Financial Planning

Upfront $1,500 to $3,000 comprehensive planning fee, then $95/ month ongoing fee

Our comprehensive + ongoing planning service provides an initial deep dive of your finances, goals and dreams, resulting in our traditional comprehensive financial plan for which you receive a 20% discount. We then work alongside you to help fully implement your plan going forward.

You will receive ongoing advice from one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER’s in a seamless structure. We help track your financial progress, office advice for life decisions and serve as a valuable resource. Included in the service is specialized financial analysis as needed (ex: college planning, insurance analysis, compensation agreement analysis and goal development ), an annual financial planning review meeting, a WealthVision subscription for online tracking, and 2 hours’ worth of 'on demand' advice throughout the year.

Requires a 2-year commitment for ongoing financial planning.

Specialized Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning

Building Ahead for Retirement – $1,000 fee

  • Focus on the fundamentals to get you on track, your saving goals, and an investment plan to plan forward for your financial independence. This service helps address two questions – Am I on the right path? What should I be doing to plan ahead for retirement? Typically for ages 20’s to 40’s.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning – $2,000 fee

  • This is our most in depth retirement planning service to prepare you for success in retirement. We factor in your current financial standing, your goals and dreams, your debt plan, your optimal retirement lifestyle, utilizing Monte Carlo simulation, and multiple scenarios so you receive an professional viewpoint of what you need to do to get across the finish line. Two primary questions are addressed – When can I retire? Should I retire? Most suitable for ages 45-65.

Retirement Income Planning – $1,500 fee

  • A master blueprint for what your first 10 years of retirement living looks like. We show you how to work towards maximizing your Social Security, defined benefit plans, and how to position your portfolio to support you for your retirement living years. Strong emphasis is placed on pursuing tax efficiency. The primary questions answered are - How do I retire? Where do I draw money from? This service is most useful if you are retiring within two years or you are currently retired. 

Other Retirement Planning Capabilities

  • Healthcare Insurance – Before and after age 65.
  • RMD Requirements – What happens at age 70 ½ and later.
  • Tax Analysis – What am I paying and what should I expect to pay in retirement?
  • 401k Recommendations – Are you invested in alignment with your goals and risk tolerance?
  • Social Security Analysis – What is the best choice for your situation?
  • Pension and Survivorship Analysis – Considering your financial position and personal goals, what option should you choose.
  • Roth Conversion – Is it beneficial to me for the long term?
  • Type of Retirement Account – Am I taking advantage of the best plan? Are there other accounts I should use?
  • Monte Carlo Simulation* – This analysis looks at the probability of your money lasting through different environments (varying levels of returns and inflation)
  • Retirement Income – Do you have a funding gap and how best to fill the gap?
  • The RV life or maybe it is traveling abroad – Let’s design your retirement
  • Long-Term Care – Do you have a plan?

*About Monte Carlo: Monte Carlo Simulation is a risk and decision analysis technique used to evaluate the outcome of portfolios over time using a large number of simulated variables to generate possible future returns.

There are many variables that can affect a financial plan. Two of the most volatile variables are inflation and investment returns, both of which, historically, vary on a daily basis. Even with this knowledge, most financial projections use constant inflation and investment rates over the period of the analysis. The use of these averages is used as a start for the planning process, since the actual values are unknown. Unfortunately, however, this type of analysis illustrates only one outcome, thereby requiring that simulation be used to imitate real-life situations. In order to produce meaningful results, these simulations are processed many times. By varying the rates of return and inflation to simulate the fluctuations that can be experienced in the marketplace, a more realistic reflection of the anticipated ups and downs of the investment environment is presented.

In order to create a Monte Carlo simulation model, historical performance of the securities market must be analyzed. This analysis does not utilize historical data for any specific securities. Rather, it uses the historical data for broad asset classes, such as "Small Cap. Equities" and "Long Term Bonds." This analysis takes into account not only the historical values of various investment factors (prices, inflation, etc.), but also the interrelation of these values and the correlation between investment periods. The econometric modeling method is used to generate the capital market data used in the simulations. This involves modeling the movements of yields through time and then layering on various equity risk information to derive stock returns. This results in many economies being simulated for a given time period.

These multiple simulations produce a range of results. These results are then analyzed and probabilities are associated with the outcome. Due to the random nature in which the simulations are generated and the regular updating of historical asset class data, the results may vary with each use and over time, even if the underlying assumptions are not changed.

Important: The projections or other information generated by Monte Carlo Simulations regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. An investment cannot be made directly into a Monte Carlo Simulation. There are limitations in using a Monte Carlo Simulation, including the analysis is only as good as the assumptions, and despite modeling for a range of uncertainties in the future, it does not eliminate uncertainty.

The results can be presented various ways, but the ultimate goal of a Monte Carlo Simulation is to educate and communicate about the uncertainty of the future, so you can make educated decisions about your specific situations.

Investment Portfolio Planning

Investment Planning

Portfolio Analysis - $2,500 fee

  • Know how you're invested, assess strengths & weaknesses, and discover what is missing. Including a personal risk assessment and Morningstar in-depth portfolio reporting. No specific investment recommendations given in analysis. Investment proposal provided complimentary.

Other Investment Planning Capabilities

  • Stock Option Analysis – Is it a good deal? Understand how leverage affects your returns. Concentration risk.
  • Concentrated Stock Analysis – Opportunities to diversify your holdings with or without realizing capital gains.
  • Annuity Analysis – Are they right for your situation? What is the cost and benefit?
  • Defined Contribution Plan – Evaluate potential options. Important for small business owners.

Goal Planning

Goal Planning

Net Worth Analysis – $1,000 fee

  • What is your net worth? Do you have enough liquidity? Are your assets balanced?

Accumulation Goals - $1,000 fee

  • Plan ahead for a major purchase, such as home, boat, car, or vacation home. It's the best way to meet your goal.

Other Goal Planning Capabilities

  • Ratio Analysis – Take a look at your personal ratios and find out if you are financially fit.
  • Liquidity Analysis – Given your debt, do you have sufficient liquidity to protect yourselves?
  • Action item Checklist – Part of a comprehensive plan. This tells you what to work on immediately, what should be accomplished within this year and what can be set aside to work on in the future.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Strategies

Tax Opportunities – $1,000 fee

  • Find out if you are maximizing your tax benefits.

Tax Analysis – $1,500 fee

  • Would knowing your future estimated taxes (looking out years ahead) affect what you do this year? This information can open multiple planning opportunities.

Other Tax Planning Strategies

  • Tax Obligation – Do you know what to expect for your taxes for the current year?
  • Tax Minimization – How can I reduce my tax cost?

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Strategies  Trust and Estate Review – $1,500 fee
  • Find out if you are subject to estate taxes. Understand the process of asset flow in the event of your death. Review necessary documents.

Retirement Community Analysis – $1,000 fee

  • Compare living options as it relates to your financial plan. Assess buy-ins, monthly dues, and ancillary costs.

Other Estate Planning Strategies

  • Generational Planning – Plan a legacy for your heirs and future heirs.
  • Beneficiary Planning – Ensure designations are correct. Review and alter as needed.
  • Estate Settlement – Assistance with asset retitling, annuity claims, and money movements.
  • Gift planning – Reduce your taxable estate and build a legacy.
  • Receiving an Inheritance – Assess your plan and priorities upon receiving inherited money or windfall.
  • Charitable Planning – Structure your estate to accomplish your charitable wishes and receive tax benefits.

College Planning

College Planning College Planning Analysis – $250 fee*
  • Find out what pace you are on to meet your college savings goal. How much additional is needed to save? *for up to two children, $100/child thereafter.
Other College Planning Capabilities
  • What are the pros and cons of different college saving vehicles?
  • Find out the cost for your child(ren) to attend any specific college or university.
  • How to factor in if you are paying private tuition now for your college planning goal(s).

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Life – $1,000 fee

  • Provide for the ones you love after your passing.
Disability – $750 fee
  • Guard against financial insecurity during difficult health times. Health crisis can happen strike at any time.
Long Term Care – $750 fee
  • Protect your family and finances through a challenging life stage. Long term care takes the worry away.
Business (key person)
  • Know that all you’ve worked for, will be protected should a key partner pass.
Debt Analysis
  • Debt Planning – Are you on a effective path to pay off your debt? Should you accelerate debt payoff? How much to keep in savings vs. paying off debt?
  • Mortgage Analysis – Find out if you should invest extra cash flow or pay down your debt.
Boone Wealth Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser and does not provide tax and/or legal advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax and/or legal advisors concerning their own circumstances.
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