Beige Book: Window on Main Street

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 Boone Wealth Advisors

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The latest Beige Book suggests that the U.S. economy is still growing near its long-term trend, and that the drag from a stronger dollar and weaker energy prices is fading. However, oil production — which has continued to decline despite the run-up in oil prices from the mid-$20 per barrel range in January 2016 to near $50 today — is weighing on economic conditions in the energy-producing states. In addition, our analysis of the Beige Book confirms that there continues to be some spillover of weakness from the energy and manufacturing sectors to other parts of the economy. Comments in the Beige Book also continue to indicate that some upward pressure on wages is beginning to emerge; but the wage pressures are not accelerating quickly, which should keep the Federal Reserve (Fed) from raising interest rates aggressively this year…

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Written by Boone Wealth Advisors

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